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How To Invest

How do I purchase the Bit20 Index token?

BTWTY is a smart contract on the BitShares blockchain representing the nominal value of one Bit20 index asset. To buy and sell the token, you will need an account on the BitShares decentralized exchange (DEX).

BitShares has been a decentralized financial (DeFi) platform since inception in 2015 (how many blockchains can say that?). Below you will find all the explanations you need to get up and running: how to create an account on BitShares, how to send BTS to your account, and how to exchange Bitcoin to BTS directly from the wallet.

Advanced users or those familiar with BitShares DEX should watch the first video. Beginners and those unfamiliar with BitShares should review the material below.

How to buy Bit20 and TWENTIX?

BitShares' Decentralized Exchange (The DEX) can be intimidating to new users who simply want to trade or buy Bit20/TWENTIX for $, €, ¥ or Bitcoin. This tutorial will start from scratch assuming you've never seen BitShares before.



How do I buy Bitcoin?

There are a lot of options available on the Internet to buy bitcoin.

On of the most popular and reliable is Coinbase. The process to buy on their website is very clear and easy. You still can watch one of the several tutorials videos available on youtube if you are more comfortable with visual information.

Another practical exchange is Bitpanda. In this one, you can buy your bitcoins instantaneously with some of the methods provided. You can use traditional online bank transfer but also Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, Neteller, Skrill, Giro pay, EPS and Ok Pay.

How to create a BitShares account.

This tutorial will explain how to create an account in BitShares. The whole process will take one single minute

You will create an account on the BitShares blockchain, then you will be able to use the BitShares wallet and your account to buy Bit20/TWENTIX.

This video explains in detail how to create an account. Go to and follow the instructions.

Liquidity Pools on BitShares blockchain.

How to exchange Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency for BTS.

There are a lot of options available on the Internet to change cryptocurrency. In this video, you will see one easy way to do that without having to go to a centralized exchange.

This method is simple and easy if you want to trade a few BTC to BTS. If you plan on changing a big quantity of BTC, it could be better to use an exchange like Binance where there is enough liquidity for your trade.