Best Bitcoin Casino Sites BitTwenty DeFi Risk Factors
Trading in cryptocurrency comes with risks. The Bit20 index minimizes "idiosyncratic risk" but there are other non-economic risks inherent in using advanced open-source software. Before using any cryptographic technology, including Bit20, it is important to research and understand the risks involved. This website is created for informational purposes and seeks to outline basic foreseeable risks. Nothing on this site should be taken as investment advice. Please do your own research.

Collateral Risk. The BTWTY and TWENTIX tokens derive their value using an automatic settlement mechanism. At any time a holder of BTWTY or TWENTIX can swap for the underlying tokens in the collateral pool.
Automatic Market Maker (AMM) Risk. TWENTIX has a Constant Function Market Maker (CFMM). Similar to the standard constant product liquidity pool model where the liquidity provider (LP) has to provide both assets in a equal ratio.